20 Celebrities Who Smoke Weed Errrrrrrday

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From Presidents to pop stars, marijuana brings people together.

In an election year especially, we can all be thankful for that.

Here's a look at 20 celebrity stoners in honor of 4/20 ...

1. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg
"You knowz mofo be rollin' up summa dat dank ass sticky-icky-icky and gettin' fizaded off the bubonic chronic right muthaf--kin' now." Uhhh, what Snoop said.

2. Seth Rogen and James Franco (Tie)

Seth Rogen and James Franco (Tie)
Pretty sure Seth Rogen and James Franco come up on a Google Image search for "weed." Or at least they should.

3. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson has been arrested more than once for his love of the Mary Jane. He's 80 years old. Can't we all just leave the man alone!

4. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey
Alright, alright, alright. Neptune and your mama and surfing and all that other stuff he talked about during the 2014 awards season sort of seems like he's stoned ALL THE TIME.

5. Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Pot normally mellows people out, right? Looks like maybe Chris Brown should smoke MORE of it instead of less.

6. Rihanna

If you follow Rihanna on Instagram you know she doesn't really keep her love of Laughing Grass a secret.

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