Lindsay Lohan on Bad Play Reviews: At Least I Showed Up!

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Lindsay Lohan was on a roll last week.

First, Lindsay forgot her lines and generally bombed during opening night of her new play.

Then she gave what might be the most hilariously delusional interview of her career, telling Time Out London that she sees an Oscar and Mean Girls 2 in her future.

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But as much as she's completely lost touch with reality these days, Lindsay is still occasionally capable of self-awareness and honesty.

We seldom see this side of Lindsay (which is funny because anyone who's been to Lohan's Instagram page knows that she shows just about every side), but she let it out recently when she responded to criticism that she sucked on stage by basically shrugging and saying what we were all thinking:

"It could've been a disaster," says Linds in full Captain Obvious mode. "I could have not shown up. But of course it did. it's my show."

Eh, you had us up until that "of course I did" part. You know damn well the odds of you showing up on time and not getting arrested for something called mega-DWI on the way were like 50/50 at best.

Plus, you've been a professional actress (on and off) for like half your life, don't pat yourself on the back too hard for showing up to work.

"Every night feels more natural and comfortable," Linds went on to say. "I'm not used to a live audience. It's a much quicker buzz."

Uh-oh, she's looking for a quick buzz. Someone hide the household cleaners!

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