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This has not been a week to remember for Kim Kardashian in Paris.

Or, actually, we suppose it definitely has been. But for all the wrong reasons.

First, Kardashian was attacked by some idiot prankster who tried to tackle the star to the ground, only for the Paris police to react with total indifference.

Then, Kim and Kanye West entered the Lanvin show in Paris several minutes late last night, only to hear boos rain down upon them as they made their way to their front row seats

Just how bad and noticeable was it? Even E! News ran the story and accompanying video. Not even Kim’s very own network could spin this in a positive manner!

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian: Booed in Paris!

Why did the crowd give the couple such an angry greeting?


Not due to Kim’s outfit, that’s for sure. At least not if you were a male in attendance. Look at this item of clothing… or lackthereof!

The outspoken rapper heard the reaction and immediately walked over to confront the displeased guests, telling them as some kind of reassurance:

“[Designer] Alber [Elbaz] asked to see us, don’t boo us. We’re not late, we’re not late.”

Kanye himself isn’t very popular either these days. Did you catch this diabled child’s T-shirt aimed in the artist’s direction? It’s amazing.