Wheelchair-Bound Boy to Kanye West: EFF YOU!

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Look, we know Kanye West has nothing against the handicapped.

We watched that clip of him in concert a couple weeks ago, in which the artist waited to perform a song until everyone in the audience was standing, unaware that two fans were in wheelchairs.

And, yes, we wrote about it and laughed over it because, come on... it's Kanye West! He's just asking to be mocked when he takes himself so darn seriously.

It does appear, however, as if Kanye’s insensitive remarks have had a negative effect on the husband of Kim Kardashian. At least when it comes to one young man on the Internet.

We don't know his name. We don't know the full story behind this photo or the T-shirt featured prominent in it. But we do adore it!

Eff You, Kanye!

We somehow doubt Kanye West will find it nearly as funny, however.

As you can see in this quotes, the man who refers to himself as Yeezus does not like to be the butt of a joke:

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