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After months of uncertainty, it now seems that Joe Giudice will serve prison time following his conviction on several counts of fraud back in March.

Joe and his wife Teresa both pled guilty in hopes of receiving a lighter sentence, but while sources indicate that Teresa may get off with house arrest, Joe was reportedly informed by his lawyers this week that prison is inevitable.

“Joe is in the final stages of working out a plea deal in the forged driver’s license case,” an insider tells Radar Online. “He will be allowed to serve time concurrently with time in the fraud case.”

Teresa and Louie

“He’s doing time for sure. There will be no probation in both cases. The only uncertainty is about how much time Joe will actually serve.”

Joe’s first round of sentencing is scheduled for October 2. He could face up to four years behind bars.


Joe is said to have come to terms with the fact that he’ll be doing time, but his wife is reportedly in denial:

“Teresa still refuses to admit Joe will be going to jail,” the source says. “This could come as a real shock to Teresa, even though everyone including Joe has tried to prepare her, but she doesn’t pay attention to it.”

For her part, Teresa is facing up to 27 months behind bars. She has stated that she considers the idea of going to prison “too terrifying to think about.”

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