Jimmy Kimmel Asks Men on the Street: Have You Peeped the Nude Jennifer Lawrence Pics?

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So, men... have you or haven't you?

There are photos out there of Jennifer Lawrence nude. And Kate Upton nude. And Kaley Cuoco nude.

They're just sitting on the Internet, a few clicks away. Everyone is talking about them. Many people are urging folks NOT to check them out.

But, come on. Be honest. You can tell us the truth: have you taken a look?

This is what Jimmy Kimmel asked random men on the street last night, hilariously polling the audience before each answer to gauge what they thought each interview subject's response would be.

Have most of them snuck a peek? Find out now!

It is legal, though frowned upon, to look at the photos, of course.

But the hacking itself was decidedly illegal and the FBI is trying to track down the dirty loser at the center of it.

Jimmy Kimmel, meanwhile? Here's just trying to make us laugh. As always...

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