42 Jimmy Kimmel Live Moments That Crack Our Funny Bone

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We love Jimmy Kimmel. 

Relive some the most memorable skits and moments from Jimmy Kimmel Live now.

1. Lie Witness News: Barack Obama Birthday Edition!

Jimmy Kimmel Live makes up stories about Barack Obama for this edition of Lie Witness News. And everyone believes the lies!

2. Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids "Do You Know Any Naughty Words?"

Inspired by a very funny YouTube video of a kid listing all of the bad words he knows ... Jimmy Kimmel asks mor kids if they know any naughty words.

3. Jimmy Kimmel Live to Pedestrians: FDR Died!

Los Angeles residents are told by a Jimmy Kimmel Live reporter here that FDR just died. Watch them react accordingly.

4. Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Justin Bieber Arrest, Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel goes to town here on the Justin Bieber scandal. Watch him make fun of a few choices fan Tweets now.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Pranks John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

Jimmy Kimmel pranks John Krasinski and Emily Blunt in this video. And it's safe to say he gets them good.

6. Jimmy Kimmel China Skit

The Chinese community is up in arms against Jimmy Kimmel over this "kill everyone in China" comment.

7. Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy Prank

What an amazing prank. In this Jimmy Kimmel-inspired video, parents tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy.

8. Jimmy Kimmel Live - Lie Witness News (Rock the Bells 2013)

Jimmy Kimmel Live takes its Lie Witness News segment to Rock the Bells 2013. Watch!

9. Jimmy Kimmel - Obamacare vs. Affordable Care Act

Obamacare is just a nickname for The Affordable Care Act. But Jimmy Kimmel found that people react differently depending on what it's called.

10. Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Kanye West Interview

Jimmy Kimmel mocks an interview Kanye West gave to the BBC in this video. The rapper was none too pleased over it.

11. Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Twerking Fail Prank!

Jimmy Kimmel has revealed that the Twerking fail video was a cleverly orchestrated fake. Well, well played.

12. Johnny Depp Kisses Jimmy Kimmel

Johnny Depp plants a few kisses on Jimmy Kimmel during this talk show appearance. Hot stuff!

13. Jimmy Kimmel 'Lie Witness News' at Coachella

Jimmy Kimmel and his Lie Witness News team hit up Coachella 2013.

14. Escape From Gosselin Island

Jimmy Kimmel parodies Kate Gosselin's new reality show with a fun teaser for Escape From Gosselin Island. About sums it up right there.

15. Jimmy Kimmel - Lie Detective

Jimmy Kimmel decides to play Lie Detectives and entrap a bunch of (very young) student athletes. It's hilarious and wrong.

16. Jimmy Kimmel Shows People Octomom Photos

Jimmy Kimmel showed a bunch of people on the street photos of Octomom's porn shoot. Their reactions are hilarious ... for us.

17. Jimmy Kimmel Parodies True Detective

Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen make their case her to star in True Detective Season 2. They have our vote!

18. Jimmy Kimmel Live at SXSW: Lie Witness News

Jimmy Kimmel Live visits SXSW in this hilarious edition of Lie Witness News. Watch him prank annoying music fans now.

19. Jimmy Kimmel Live Asks About Scheduled Earthquake

Jimmy Kimmel fools a bunch of Los Angeles residents in this edition of Lie Witness News. Have they heard about the scheduled big earthquake?!?

20. The Kardahsian Konquest: The Taking Of America

The Kardashians are taking over the world. That's the subject of this phony PBS documentary.

21. Jimmy Kimmel Gauges Donald Sterling Reaction

This is pretty awesome. Watch as Jimmy Kimmel gauges reaction to Donald Sterling inside an all-black barbershop.

22. Celebrity Curse-Off: Julia Roberts vs. Sally Field

It's a Celebrity Curse-Off! Julia Roberts and Sally Field battle it out on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

23. What is Gluten? - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Some people can't eat gluten for medical reasons, but a lot of people in Los Angeles don't eat gluten because it's cool, as Jimmy Kimmel found out.

24. Moms Reveal Shocking Secrets

Jimmy Kimmel cracks us up in this segment. He asks mothers to reveal some big secrets about themselves... to their kids.

25. Lie Witness News: Godzilla is Real!

In this edition of Lie Witness News, Jimmy Kimmel convinces people that Godzilla is real. You must watch this.

26. Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Kendall Jenner

Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Kendall Jenner in this clip. Watch him present The Kendall now.

27. Jimmy Kimmel Live Presents: MaleFiftyCent

Ready to watch a trailer for MaleFiftyCent? This spoof, from Jmmy Kimmel Live, stars 50 Cent.

28. Ice Cube Says Nice Things... Angrily

Ice Cube is a nice guy. But he doesn't always come across that way, we evidenced by this clip.

29. Kids Admit Lies to Father

The children in this video admit some big-time lies to their fathers. It's funny stuff. Watch now.

30. Jimmy Kimmel Asks: Can You Spell Dwyane Wade's Name?

Want to win $100? Jimmy Kimmel offers up this prize to anyone who can correctly spell Dwyane Wade's name.

31. Jimmy Kimmel Receives Parenting Advice

Jimmy Kimmel is having another baby. He receives advice on being a father here from a six-year old.

32. Jimmy Kimmel Stumps U.S. Soccer Fans

How much do American soccer fans actually know about the sport? Jimmy Kimmel finds out in this video.

33. Jimmy Kimmel Stages Friends Reunio

Jimmy Kimmel stages a Friends reunion in this amazing clip. Look who joins him for it!!!

34. Jimmy Kimmel Grills Men on Naked Celeb Pics

So... did you look at naked photos of Kate Upton? Jimmy Kimmel asks men this question in this video.

35. Jimmy Kimmel Fools New York Fashion Week Attendees

Those attending New York Fashion Week think they know a lot about fashion. Jimmy Kimmel proves them wrong.

36. The Star-Spangled Banner Stumps Pedstrians

Jimmy Kimmel Live proves a sad point in this video: no one really knows the words to The Star-Spangled Banner. At all.

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