James Franco Goes Bald on Instagram: Love It or Loathe It?

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James Franco is so adept at using Instagram to capture the Internet's attention that we're starting to think he might be a long-lost Kardashian.

At first, Franco used nude selfies to gain followers - one of the oldest tricks in the "look at me" book.

But eventually, even James got bored with the sight of his topless torso and he began branching out. He pretended to be married to Lana Del Rey for a while, and when that got old (which was almost immediately), he began experimenting with his hair.

First, Franco dyed his hair blonde - an unfortunate look that made fans wonder if he'd signed to star in a Backstreet Boys biopic.

James must have agreed that the look was lame, because he's since taken an even more extreme measure with his signature locks:

James Franco Bald

Yes, that's James rocking a chrome dome and a fake mustache for his upcoming role in Zeroville. Regardless of how you feel about the look, the role sounds like a perfect for Franco:

James is set to play Vikar - a movie-obsessed, possibly autistic 24-year-old with a tattoo of Elizabeth Taylor on the back of his head. If that's not right up Franco's alley, we don't know what is.

So yeah, at least he has a reason for his latest batch of selfies. We're still waiting to hear about his role as a guy who's allergic to shirts.

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