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James Franco was one of the many names named on the Lindsay Lohan sex list that leaked back in March.

No one was surprised by the confirmation that Linds had banged a lot of dudes, but James was apparently very surprised to find his name on the list for the simple reason that Franco never slept with Lohan.

At least that’s what he claims, and we’re inclined to believe him based on the fact that Lohan’s had plenty of opportunities to call him out as a liar, but has declined to do so.

James Franco: A Photo
(Getty Images)

These days, James so desperately wants the world to know that he never caught whatever Linds is spreading that he’s basically introduced a new literary sub-genre with one simple message: Hey world, I totally never boned Lindsay Lohan!


First, Franco wrote a short story about Lohan that basically consisted of him repeatedly telling the audience that she wanted to bang but he wasn’t having it. 

Now, Franco has released yet another book of his poetry, stories, and assorted deep musings, and it includes a poem called “The Voice of Lindsay Lohan,” which is written from LiLo’s perspective.

We think the last line says it all, “He didn’t f-ck me, that sh-t.”

So, if we launch a Kickstarter to raise money to rent billboards all over the country that say, “JAMES FRANCO NEVER HAD SEX WITH LINDSAY LOHAN!”think might that get him to stop talking about it? Nah, we don’t think so either.