Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Christina's Shocking Secret Revealed

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Christina and Monyetta were the center of attention on last night's Atlanta Exes Season 1 Episode 7, with nerves and tension reaching an all-time high.

Monyetta's charity 5K, and with it, part of Kyle's legacy, is right around the corner. Pity her poor personal assistant, who runs point on all things Monyetta.

Meanwhile, some of Christina's traumatic past experiences with an abusive partner came to the surface in an emotional exchange during a workout class.

It was heartbreaking to revisit, regardless of venue, and her message powerful, especially in light of recent events like the Ray Rice-Janay Palmer video.

It's not that victims of domestic violence are more frequent than ever (though they're not less so), but the fact is more are coming forward about it now.

In Christina's case, even her close friends didn't know, which underscores the problem and makes for an emotional episode if you watch Atlanta Exes online.

For a reality show like this, one wouldn't have expected to see such a sincere display of strength and composure, but we did, and she came across well.

Hopefully, more people sharing their stories of domestic abuse will make it easier for others to contemplate leaving an abuser or talking to someone.

Back to Monyetta's stress levels, which are off the chain and threatening to derail her entire event ... her staff deserves a big raise. Let's just say that.

The big night came together as a classy (seriously) honoring of strong women in the area, and even her ex-fiance Shaffer (a.k.a. Ne-Yo) showed up.

Impressively, the Hills of Freedom event seemed to be more about the event than the person who put it in, which is how it should be but isn't always.

Some causes are worth the effort, and bigger than reality TV or what people say about you. This is one of those causes, and we give credit where due.

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