James Franco: Lindsay Lohan Was Too Young to Have Sex With!

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The now-infamous Lindsay Lohan sex list made the rounds online back in March and one alleged member of Lindsay's bang gang was less than pleased to learn he'd been included. 

James Franco insisted that Lohan lied on her sex list shortly after it was made public. Now he's elaborating on his past flirtations with the Mean Girls star.

James sat down with Howard Stern yesterday and explained that while he did hook up with Lohan several years ago, the two then-rising stars never even came close to sleeping together.

"I will swear on everything you ask that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan," Franco said. 

He added that he believes Lohan is either delusional or has had her memory destroyed by drinking and drug use:

"I bet if you brought her in here, and you asked to her face, 'Did you have sex with James?' she would say, 'Yes'...She's so delusional. Or [maybe she] doesn't remember?"

Franco went on to confess that there was some physical contact between himself and Lindsay:

"Alright maybe we kissed. It was lame...I can't believe she put me on that private list."

So why didn't Franco seal the deal with an actress who was then much more famous than him? 

"She was young," he says simply. 

Though this being James Franco we're talking about, he did get intimate with Lindsay in his own way.

"It sounds so nerdy, but I read her a story," says Franco. 

Yeah, James, that does sound kinda nerdy.

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