Florida Beach Tent Thieves: Suing Fox News For Supposed Smear Campaign!

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Two Florida women caught in a viral video apparently stealing someone's beach gear this summer are suing mad ... and their target is Fox News, obviously.

The video (above) was shot by the beach equipment's owner as he called out the Florida women stealing his stuff, which they insisted they were not.

After the man pressed them and said yes, in fact, they were breaking down and about to make off with his belongings, he was apparently accosted.

The women are now suing, of course, lamenting they've been treated unfairly - not by the YouTube video uploader but by a cable news network.

Middle-aged sisters Kathleen Duffy and Linda Duffy Kelly, now viral and infamous superstars, say Fox News unfairly portrayed the duo as thieves.

One anchor called it an "attempted theft," while some other (accurate) references to the video said they were "caught stealing" or "caught red handed."

The sisters swear they thought the canopy was theirs, and that there were lots that looked just like it July 4 on Florida's beautiful New Smyrna Beach.

Somehow we're not buying that line, though. This was no generic, run-of-the-mill beach tent and gear that you just mistake for someone else's.

Moreover, a second look at the (hilarious) viral video posted by the almost-victim doesn't make them look like they just made an honest mistake.

Only #FloridaWoman.

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