Florida Man Confronts Florida Women Stealing His Beach Stuff, Gets Attacked

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We've all been in a crowded, public situation in which someone accidentally or mistakenly tries to take off with something that doesn't belong to them.

This is not that situation.

A Florida man busted two middle-aged women trying to break down, fold up and take away a tent canopy, beach chairs, boogie boards, and kids' toys on July 4.

So he confronted them, on video, and the results were both surprising and hilarious hilarious as the twosome tried to deny their shady ways, then just got pissed:

"Is that yours?" the man asks the two ladies, flummoxed by his beach tent.

"Yeah," one woman tells him, but shucks, "we don't know how to do it."

"Oh," Rich says, realizing what they dont. "You need some help?"

"Do you know how to do it?" both wannabe thieves ask him.

"Yeah," he says, dropping the bomb: "This is our stuff."

The women tried to double down on their claim that the gear is actually theirs, but with so little conviction that Rich was almost laughing at that point, saying:

"No, it's all ours. All of it. The chairs, the bags, this is all our stuff. Yeah, that's my kids'. I'm sorry. That's okay, we'll let it slide. I'm glad I made it [back] in time."

The ladies do not let it slide by any means, at which point Rich tells them more firmly to "step away from my s--t" ... and then they step up in his face!

Not that July 4 fireworks show he was expecting ... but wow.

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