Farrah Abraham Not Actually the One Homeschooling Daughter, Thank Goodness

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Farrah Abraham recently revealed she is homeschooling her daughter Sophia, though thankfully, it appears she is not the one doing any of the actual schooling.

This is no doubt cause for a collective sigh of relief, as Farrah Abraham and homeschooling are two things that should never appear in the same sentence.

Well, unless some nonprofit educational institution wants to embark on the process of homeschooling Farrah Abraham. That would be a different story.

When Farrah first revealed her educational plans for Sophia, we were somewhere between smirking, scratching our heads and stunned silence.

She has since let us in on the fact that she is not the only person teaching Sophia, however ... Farrah still feels Farrah is such an amazing mother.

Asked if the youngster has reached any particular milestones, the 23-year-old said, “It’s pretty major that she started kindergarten in general. It’s her year.”

"She’s doing homeschooling, and I’m proud of that. Being a mother and seeing her at this age, I remember this age, so it’s very dear to me and very special."

Farrah explained that Sophia‘s curriculum comes from a local university, and that someone else actually comes in to help Soph get her learn on.

"They have a tutor that comes in. I’m just supportive and a good parent. I think that’s what makes a difference in where she’s at and how excelled she is."

We're just grateful for said tutor, and that Farrah's put her substantial salary from the strip club and earnings from dabbling with businessmen to good use.

As for her own educational pursuits, which she apparently has?

"Right now I have to finish my Bachelor’s, which is in finance, and I’m kind of overwhelmed. I’m working so much and traveling and with my daughter ... it’s been crazy.”

Farrah's work these days includes opening a restaurant, "researching" roles by being a stripper and fame whoring as much as she possibly can on VH1.

Seriously, watch Couples Therapy online and see. It's bad.

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