Farrah Abraham: Homeschooling Daughter Sophia!

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Yesterday, Farrah Abraham bought a $100,000 Mercedes. Your initial response to that news might be something along the lines of, "Wow! And she's only 23?! She must be really successful."

And you'd be right! She is successful...at stripping. Yes, Farrah Abraham is a successful stripper, which is exactly why her latest career venture is probably the worst idea ever.

No, Farrah's not making another porn (yet), she's getting into education! Specifically, her 5-year-old daughter Sophia's education.

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Photo

Farrah announced on Twitter over the weekend that she plans to homeschool her only child. Somehow, a CPS swat team didn't immediately swoop in and hogtie the porn star-turned-stripper-turned-teacher.

As usual, it's hard to tell exactly what the hell Farrah is trying to say, but the tweet reads, "From #VMA to #BackToSchool #Monday Time to be creative and educated #Teach #SoProud #Homeschooling"

Well, at least Sophia will be well-versed in hashtag use.

Some have pointed out that it's possible Farrah is talking about "homeschooling" herself. That would be an incredibly stupid thing to say, which means it's very likely that's exactly what Farrah meant.

Either way, we're concerned. It's bad enough to have Farrah Abraham's genes, no one should have to be taught by her...even Farrah.

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