Daniele Watts: Sex Photos Show WAY More Than Kissing!

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Actress Daniele Watts, who cried racism against the LAPD when she said she was harassed for kissing her white boyfriend in the car, has some explaining to do.

Watts was suspected of prostitution by the police, which she decried, claiming she was simply making out with her man and that she was racially profiled.

Newly-released pics show way more than face-sucking, however.

Daniele Watts Pic

TMZ photos show Watts Thursday outside the CBS lot in Studio City, Calif., straight up riding her boyfriend Brian, using an open sunroof to steady herself!

An eyewitness saw Daniele having sex in the car from a nearby office building, making for one of those workplace stories everyone dreams about.

Talk about free entertainment. Of the R-rated or even NC-17 variety.

Brian, in the passenger seat with his feet on the curb outside the car, was certainly enjoying life with Daniele straddling him, shirt pulled up and breasts exposed.

The witness says she was grinding on him, rocking back and forth.

At one point, someone from the office even went down and asked Daniele and Brian to stop, since their whole office could see them, but they stuck with it.

Hey, sometimes it's just hard to stop when you're in the groove.

After that, an aroused Brian then "began horizontally bongoing her boobs back and forth," which is one of the better quotes you're ever going to read.

Eventually, Daniele Watts reached into the center console, grabbed a tissue, wiped down her satisfied man and herself, then tossed it on the grass.

You may vomit on cue, just aim away from the phone or tablet.

Someone from the office called the police and made an indecent exposure complaint after seeing this, and Daniele proceeded to play the race and fame cards.

Whether there was racial profiling in play or not, we're not able to say, but her version of events is even flimsier after seeing the photos of Watts' romp ...

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