Daniele Watts Explains Police Confrontation, States: I Believe in Freedom!

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Daniele Watts is standing strong, loudly and proudly.

The actress, best known for her role in Django Unchained, was detained by the police last Thursday after authorities received a complaint that Watts and her boyfriend were engaged in a lewd public act.

The incident then escalated after Watts refused to give the officer her ID, claiming she and her boyfriend were only under suspicion due to the contrasting colors of their skin.

Does Watts have any regrets? Days later, does she wish she had handled things differently?

Speaking to News Day co-host Michaela Pereira today about the confrontation, Watts stood by her actions.

"I believe in America and what it stands for, and I believe in freedom,” Watts said, citing her basis for not handing over her identification until she had no choice.

The officer at the scene, however, said this simply isn't true: if he's responding to a 911 call, he's well within his rights to ask a crime suspect for his/her ID.

But Watts says a larger point needs to be made here.

"I think that a country that calls itself ‘The land of the free, and the home of the brave,' if I’m within my amendment rights, my constitutional rights to say, ‘No, unless you’re charging me with a crime I will not be giving you my ID’ that is a right that I stand up for because of the shoulders that I stand on...

... because of the people who fought so hard for their rights that came before me. Black, white, all people have been fighting for these rights for freedom. It’s beyond race at this point."

Watts’ boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, says the cop actually brought up the race issue first and that it was clear what the officer thought was going on.

"When he pulled up, he asked me questions… that just made me feel like I was a client and she was a prostitute..." Lucas said. "And then throughout the whole experience he kept on doing it."

Witnesses say they saw Watts and Lucas having full-on sex with the car door open, while the couple insists they were just making out.

Watts will reportedly hire a lawyer and sue the LAPD.

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