Daniele Watts Caught Having SEX with Boyfriend in Public, GOES OFF on Cops

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New information has come to light regarding Daniele Watts and her unusual run-in with police last Thursday.

As previously reported, the actress (Django Unchained, Weeds) was detained by cops in North Hollywood after they received a call complaining that Watts and her boyfriend were engaged in an act of "indecent exposure," according to the police statement. 

In a Facebook post, Watts said she was handcuffed and embarrassed simply for "showing affection" while "fully clothed' and in a "public place" with Brian James Lucas.

But audio has now surfaced that shines a different light on the story.

Witnesses at the Directors Guild office building told officers that Watts and Lucas were having sex in the passenger seat (she was straddling him) with the door wide open.

One onlooker could see so clearly that she told cops how Watts and Lucas cleaned up afterward with a tissue (EWWWW!).

In audio from the incident, we hear Sgt. Jim Parker calmly speaking to Lucas and explaining why he was called. But Watts jumps in and instantly brings up both her race and the fact that she has a publicist.

As the confrontation escalates, Watts says she serves “freedom and love,” while the authorities “serve detainment.” She later yells:

"I hope when you're f-cking your spouses you really feel alive."

Watts has reportedly hired an attorney and plans to file a lawsuit against the LAPD.

Does she have a case? Who acted more inappropriately here, the police or the actress? Listen to the TMZ video and decide now:

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