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Former Scandal star Columbus Short has some giant cojones. It might get him in serious trouble with the law, but no one can take that away from him.

Despite being fired from the show earlier this year because of his legal troubles, the actor is throwing a party this evening to celebrate the show’s return!

Short will be at an Atlanta club to watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 1, and in the interest of cross-promoting his many talents, drop his new single!

David Rosen - Scandal

Yes, the self-titled album Columbus Short will be available for purchase soon, and the title of its debut single – you can’t make this stuff up – is “Gladiator.”

As his soon-to-be-officially-killed-off character Harrison often says, he is not a lawyer, he is a Gladiator. Well, he was until tonight’s all-new episode.

Who wants to watch TV online when you could see it unfold right along with Columbus, toasting to the star as he witnesses his alter ego’s death. It’s poetic.


Harrison was last seen with gun pointed to his head and a gunshot ringing out as the screen faded to black, which is typically a pretty bad sign.

The 32-year-old Short, who had already been in trouble with the police prior to that scene, was arrested for domestic violence just a few days later.

He was axed from the show shortly thereafter, removing any chance that the gunshot was just vintage misdirection from creator Shonda Rhimes.

Speaking of Rhimes, Columbus and Shonda are tight, TMZ reports, and Short doesn’t blame her for his departure, so he still wants her to succeed.

That’s why he’s supporting the show at the club tonight, which at least makes some sense … though it’s still a pretty ballsy move by any measure.

Particularly with the current, intense media focus on domestic violence, Short drawing attention to himself in such a way is sure to raise eyebrows.