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Budweiser has made us cry once again.

Not through it watered down taste, no. But through its use of puppies to get an important point across.

The beer company, who brought us to tears with its Super Bowl puppy love commercial, has released a new spot in which it gives pet lovers yet another reason to never (ever!) drink and drive.

It features a man heading out with some friends and a six-pack of suds, while the cutest dog you’ll ever see hangs at home, waiting for his beloved owner to return.

He’s waiting and he’s waiting and and he’s waiting and then the screen ominously tells us that "the waiting never ended" for some canines, whose masters made the irresponsible decision to drive drunk.

Seriously, people. You should already know to never get behind the wheel while inebriated. But if this ad doesn’t convince you of that fact, nothing will:

Adorable, Inspiring Budweiser Commercial

Totally adorable. Totally inspiring. Totally on message, don’t you think?


Let’s hope people such as Justin Bieber are listening.

Because, come on. Look at these four-legged creatures. How could you ever let them down?