Big Brother 16 Winner: Revealed!

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It's been a long, hot summer on the CBS Studio Lot, but as seasons change and Taylor Swift odes to fall begin, Big Brother has come to an end at last.

Last night's Season 16 finale saw a winner crowned. That being ...

Derrick Levasseur! He bested the remaining house guests to claim the $500,000 prize and the bragging rights that go with winning Big Brother.

Xavier Prather for Big Brother

What that amounts to, we're not really sure, but well played, Derrick!

In a rare feat, Levasseur managed to survive the summer without ever being nominated for eviction, and seemed to control each and every nomination.

Even if he didn't make them, he seemed to be in command, and when it came down to the end, two people felt he made a "final two" pact with them.

If you watch TV online and saw the Big Brother feeds, it's unclear if you picked up on this puppet mastery any more than those who lived with him.

Guy was that good. Quietly, one of the very best in franchise history.

Frankie Grande ultimately felt he had to reveal, in a strategic move, that his sister is pop star Ariana Grande and that he was playing for charity.

Derrick, however, kept his undercover cop identity close to the vest.

Levasseur's reign was in serious jeopardy at one point, when Cody could have taken Victoria to the final two and likely bested her in front of the jury.

But Derick got the nod, and the $500,000, while Cody settled for second place and a not-so-tidy $50,000. As for America's Favorite House Guest.

Groundskeeper Donny, with a nice $25,000 to show for that title.

To cap it all off, Big Brother Nation can rejoice as the reality show was picked up for another TWO summer seasons with Julie Chen at the helm.

Is it July 2015 yet? No, and maybe that's for the best. But once it's time for the new cast to enter the house, we will be there as we always are.

Do you think Derrick deserved to win Big Brother 16? Was this one of the best seasons in recent memory? Sound off in the comments below!

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