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The 2014 Emmy Awards held last night featured many memorable moments.

As with most award shows, the night started with memorable red carpet fashions.

From there. we had the hilarious Bryan Cranston-Julia Louis Dreyfus make-out session and the awesome color-coordinated banter between Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

But while the stars of the small screen dominated the evening, for many fans the highlight of the night involved two men who have never starred on television shows, and who’s names are synonymous with nerd-dom.

Weird Al Yankovic Emmy Performance

Yes, for many of us, Weird Al using the power of song to encourage George R.R. Martin to hurry the hell up with the next Game of Thrones book is like a dream come true. All we can do now is hope GRRM takes Al’s advice.

Of course, it wasn’t just GoT that received the Yankovic parody treatment:


The theme songs for Mad Men, Scandal, and Homeland were all improved by Al-tastic lyrics.

In fact, in some cases, the words were so on point, they managed to effectively sum up several seasons of drama:

Take for example, "Mad Men, watch these ad men, do their thinking, while they’re stinking drunk." 

Yep, that just about catches you up to season seven.

Check out the rest of Al’s parodies in the video above, and the glitzier side of the Emmys in the gallery below: