Kind Campaign: Aaron Paul Shout-Out Crashes Charity Website!

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Breaking Bad just about swept the drama categories at the 2014 Emmy Awards (the show won every acting category except for Best Actress - a field in no one from BB was nominated).

That means two things, of course: our THG Emmy predictions were 100% correct (just sayin'), and the end of the night was basically one big Breaking Bad love-fest.

Not all of the affection was reserved for the cast, however. 

Ason Paul and Lauren Parkesian Emmys Photo

During his Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech, Aaron Paul gave a shout out to his gorgeous wife Lauren Parkesian and her charitable organization, Kind Campaign.

Jesse Pinkman fans flocked to the non-for-profit's website in droves, crashing it's servers with record traffic.

Last we checked, the site is not yet up and running, so here's some info on what the organization is all about:

Founded by Parkesian and several other women, Kind Campaign is a group that seeks to end girl-on-girl bullying. 

According to its website, the founders are "suggesting something very simple: STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and BE KIND."

Sounds like a pretty good cause to us. We're guessing you won't be hearing many b-words out of Paul's mout these days. Progress, b-tch.

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