True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: The Truth Comes Out

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We're nearly there, people.

We're now just one episode away from the True Blood Season 7 finale and the end of what has easily been the worst run of episodes in modern television history. 

And True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 most definitely added to that dishonor.

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With the exception of Sam, who left town in order to be with Nicole and their impending baby, it was an hour full of selfish decisions.

(And even Sam doesn't get off totally free, considering he just left a note for Sookie instead of actually talking to his good friend.)

At the center of it all, of course, was Bill, who refused to drink from Sarah Newlin and be cured of Hep V because, well, you see, he had a dream that he and Sookie's baby would be Death.

That's scary and Bill, but two quick responses:

  1. It was a dream.
  2. Just don't have a child then.

In choosing to actually kill himself, Bill acted like a coward. He also insulted the heck out of Sookie, basically telling her she has no free will and is incapable of loving anyone else.

What a jerk. At least he granted Jessica's wish and set his progeny free...

... free to act like a selfish jerk herself, that is.

She went over to Hoyt's and revealed the truth of what she had previously Glamoured away, all because she was sad and lonely. Hoyt had gone off and found a great new life for himself, but Jessica decided she wanted to ruin everything for him.

Did anyone (and we mean, that, literally anyone) go into this season hoping Hoyt and Jessica would get back together? Does anyone believe they are meant to be?

The writers are re-writing history here and forgetting that Jessica cheated on Hoyt with his best friend back in the day for a reason. They were never, ever some perfect couple.

Elsewhere, Ginger finally got to have sex with Eric and climaxed in two seconds. That was funny.

But Pam was in no laughing mood to conclude the hour, not after her and Eric's new business partners kept her chained under a giant stake while grilling Eric about Sookie and whether or not she knows about The Cure.

Yes, Eric finally admitted to spare Pam, she does. So with Bill knocking on Sookie's door as the final scene, we enter next week's finale wondering how the showdown at Sookie's home will go.

And just how much we'll celebrate when this AWFULNESS comes to an end.

What did everyone else think of True Blood Season 7 Episode 9?

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