Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Helmets Revealed: Love Them or Loathe Them?

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Star Wars Episode VII won't hit theaters until December of 2015, but leaked images and online spoilers have already given us some ideas of what to expect.

the Millennium Falcon will appear in the film thanks to on set photos posted by an anonymous source. Then came news about the iconic ship's beloved commander:

Harrison Ford's injury on set, we learned that Ford will be playing a more crucial role in the reboot than any of the other returning cast members. 

While the original films remain classics, of course, they can come off a bit dated these days and director J.J. Abrams will probably dispense with some of the wackier hijinks for Episode VII.

So sadly, we probably won't get to see Han and Luke dress up in Stormtrooper attire this time around. But if they did, their headgear might look something like this:

Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Helmet

These photos of the new Stormtrooper helmets leaked online over the weekend and the Internet is naturally buzzing with feedback.

Some like the sleeker, more modern design. Others feel Abrams should tinker with the classic look of the original films as little as possible.

Either way, we're hoping the new look will help these guys with their aim. Your average Empire goon couldn't blast a womp rat to save his life.

Which design do you prefer, THGers?

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