Tara Reid in a Bikini: Would You Hit It?

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Tara Reid lost a hand in Sharknado 2, but the actress doesn't think she's lost her ability to seduce. That much was made clear this week on Instagram.

The actress, whose body was recently slammed by Jason Biggs, posted the following two photos online, including with them a caption that reads:

"Playing in the sun! #gooddays."

Tara Reid in a Bikini
Tara Reid in a Two-Piece

Reid has also admitted that she's been butchered by plastic surgery, but hey ... she still might get more! Second (third, fourth) time is the charm, right?

What do you think, fellas? Would you give it to Tara Reid?

If you need more imagines upon which to decide which way to cast your vote, we encourage you to peruse our gallery of Tara Reid bikini photos below:

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