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Sometimes, a selfie can go horribly wrong.

Other times, however, a perfectly-timed selfie can go so incredibly right that it stops the World Wide Web in its tracks. The following is just such a selfie.

It was taken by a dog owner, who somehow managed to position both his camera and his canine in the ideal position and then… SNAP!

He created the most awesomely original man-Man’s Best Friend self-portrait that you’ll ever see and then shared it via Twitter.

Kendall Jenner Lounges With Her Dog

Wow, right? Just… WOW. Well done, genius Internet user.


Unlike the dogs in the following picture gallery, this furry pal didn’t need to photobomb its owner. He was an integral part of the shot.

But when dogs do photobomb their owners? The results are also pretty darn hilarious: