Chris Brown: Posting Bloods Gang Shout-Outs on Instagram!

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Troubled singer Chris Brown continues to throw around gang language like he used to throw punches at people in/outside of clubs and/or his pop star ex-girlfriend.

This time, he's dropping Bloods references on Instagram:

Chris Brown Gang Language

The 25-year-old captioned an otherwise unremarkable photo of his shoes today by writing, "It's bool! I stand on my own two feet when life gets brazy."

Almost immediately, the Instagram image was deleted.

"Bool" and "brazy" are terms associated with the Bloods, the infamous street gang, who often replace the letters of words that begin with a C with a B.

The rival Crips do the same with B-words. So tight.

Earlier this month, a wild Chris Brown was throwing up gang signs and shouting out the Bloods while drunk out of his mind after the BET Awards.

In that case, sources said his gang shout-outs were specific, indicating his involvement with the Fruit Town Pirus, an offshoot of the notorious Bloods.

Prior to his latest (and lengthy) stint behind bars, Chris was said to be using the Pirus name in his graffiti "art" and living with several Piru members.

Interestingly, however, the Bloods' signature color is red, while the Crips use blue ... so Chris is sending mixed thug signals with his choice of shoe color.

In any case, will someone page Karrueche Tran? Ever since their recent breakup, his erratic and alarming behavior has returned with a vengeance.

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