Suge Knight: Fully Conscious! Stonewalling Cops! Not Ratting Out No Snitch!

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Suge Knight is reportedly fully conscious following surgery, although cops looking for intel from him regarding who shot him are probably in for disappointment.

Multiple rounds penetrated the body of the 49-year-old rap mogul Sunday morning in what law enforcement believes may have been a gang related shooting.

There are theories that the unknown assailant may have tried to assassinate Chris Brown, Suge Knight and/or Game, all of whom are tied to the Bloods.

So far, witness cooperation has been minimal at best. Even with the shooter captured on camera at 1Oak nightclub, no one seems to know who he is.

Or they're just not willing to go there.

Even though the gunman's shots put him in the ICU and fighting for his last breath, don't look for Suge to breathe a word of what he knows, if anything.

The wounded Knight is fully conscious, even though on several occasions police were turned away on false information that he was heavily sedated.

On one visit, the police actually in to see Suge Knight, but when they started asking questions about the shooting, Knight acted disoriented, asking, "I was shot?"

Snitches get stitches.

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