Total Moron Accepts Ice Bucket Challenge, Sets Self on Fire

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Just when you think you've seen every Ice Bucket Challenge fail possible, from folks missing their intended targets to young women bleeding from their mouths, along comes an idiot who lights himself on fire.

On purpose. At least initially.

Donning camouflage cargo shorts and an American flag vest while holding a giant Confederate Flag, this moron chose to ignite his hair (so he could put it out with the ice water, naturally)… only the genius plan didn’t go so well.

The flames spread, the imbecile panicked, his friends swooped in to suggest he role around on the ground and, eventually, order was restored.

As far as we know, the subject is resting safely at the moment, which is a good thing. Unless he chooses to procreate.

Seriously, dude. Never procreate.

(And, come on, light fire to that Confederate Flag instead.)

Here's a look at celebrities who have NOT lit themselves on fire while taking the Ice Bucket Challenge:

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