Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: Can You Handle the Truth?

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Talk about a sister act we didn't see coming!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 11, Melissa Hastings shocked both her sister and viewers by providing something truly out of the blue: ANSWERS!

Based on her taped confession, Melissa saw Spencer with a shovel the evening Alison vanished. She believed Spencer killed her friend, so she pushed her into a ditch and buried her. Of course, we know this body actually belonged to Bethany and that Melissa buried her alive.

Still... wow! An answer to a mystery on Pretty Little Liars!!!!!!!

Elsewhere, Caleb appeared to have some Rosewood-related PTSD. He never uttered the word “ghosts” to Toby, but he did come clean to drinking because he’s “scared.”

Hanna eventually got her man to tell her everything that other town — from the preacher, to the demons — and she seemed aptly spooked.

Meanwhile… are Mona and Aria actually becoming friends?

After throwing a huge wrench in her date with Mike, Aria squared off with her brother’s “girlfriend” in the bathroom - and they winded up having a pretty good chat.

HOWEVER: Could Mona be the girl Detective Tanner was referring to during her conversation with Byron? Think about it.

Other questions worth asking from this episode:

  • Who else is curious about Paige’s mystery date? Are there any evil lesbians in Rosewood we have yet to identify?
  • Anyone else loving Emily and Ezra scenes together?
  • Alison was missing from the episode. Anyone really care?

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