Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 22 Recap: Has Abby Lee Miller Lost a Step?

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On Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 22, the group is heading to a National Championship, and Abby has a lot of balls in the air as she gears up for it.

Can she find Maddie's replacement in time? Will everything come together? We'll find out at the Imagine Dance Challenge, in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Studio Bleu, Abby's nemesis (which she has more than one of, as you know if you watch Dance Moms online) will be there. So it's game on, people.

The competition will feature studios GUNNING for Abby, who refuses to use the routine she planned, shelving it instead to hold in reserve for nationals.

Will this risky move backfire on her?

Chloe gets another dark piece for a solo, as Abby may be sending her a not so subtle message that it's time to win or pull up the stakes or get out.

As Jill states the obvious that Abby is scared of Studio Bleu, Miller channels the young girls' fears for her piece, then promptly benches MacKenzie.

As the group routine is rehearsing, Abby visits the moms, who are upset because MacKenzie is out of the routine among other issues they have.

Abby says they should fear losing. Jill sees it as them not going up against Studio Bleu. All the moms think that she's placing the girls at a disadvantage.

On purpose, in this higher level.

Loree asks Abby to put MacKenzie back in, which will lower the group, but Abby refuses because MacKenzie acted up and she's calling the shots.

Chloe and Jade are preparing for their solos. As Chloe runs her number, Abby is working on Jade's costume. Christi encourages Chloe, but you can see the hurt on Chloe's face.

After the girls acquit themselves reasonably well in the individual routines, Studio Bleu is up first for the group stage has more dancers on the floor.

When Abby's girls go on stage, Jill expresses the Dance Moms' fear of losing to older girls with a routine (which is good BTW) she believes is incomprehensible.

The results are in on Dance Moms Season 4 Episode 22, with Chloe getting an overall sixth place, Jade in third, and Kaeli from Studio Bleu in first place.

The moms roll their collective eyes at Miller.

In the group routines, the second place regional championship goes to Abby, while first place goes to Studio Bleu. This will not please Abby Lee Miller at all.

Next week, Abby starts culling the team.

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