Morgue Employee: I Had Sex With 100 Corpses!

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A released deposition of a former Cincinnati morgue employee sickeningly revealed that he may have sexually violated up to 100 bodies while on the job.

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Employed with the county between 1976 and 1992, 60-year-old Kenneth Douglas made the claim in a deposition conducted while he was in prison.

Convicted of gross abuse of a corpse, Douglas admitted having sex with at least three corpses in the 1990s after DNA evidence linked him to a murder victim.

That victim's killer adamantly denied allegations that he violated the body after committing the act, which ultimately led to Douglas' deeds being uncovered.

Douglas’ wife says she always suspected that something was amiss at the morgue, saying that her husband often came home drunk and "smelling like sex."

Although she called his supervisor on multiple occasions, she was told not to worry, and that anything that happened on the property was “county business.”

Not surprisingly, this is of little consolation to the woman he was married to, or the families of the dozens and dozens of corpses he did the unthinkable to.

Douglas told police that he often drank or smoked crack while working at the morgue, and that it was during those binges that he had sex with bodies.

He claims that he’s not exactly sure how many bodies he violated while employed with the county, but if he had to guess, "it could have been 100."

The county is currently fighting the families of the victims in court, who are suing for them for negligence in letting these heinous acts go on for so long.

Officials claim that because they had no knowledge of the crimes when they were committed by Douglas 2-3 decades ago, they should not be held liable.