Shark Cat Rides Roomba, Hangs Out with Shark Baby

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Remember the video last August of a cat riding a Roomba while dressed in a shark costume?

It went viral for one obvious reason: it featured a cat riding a Roomba while dressed in a shark costume.

But now the owner of Max the Roomba Cat has decided to really try and break the Internet by adding a baby to the equation, a baby who is also wearing a shark costume obviously.

The result is as cute and semi-ridiculous as you'd imagine it to be:

The owner created this footage to honor Shark Week, but, really, this is taking away from Shark Week.

Because why even bother to watch any television at all when you can just sit back and watch Shark Cat chill with Shark Baby instead? What could ever top this?!?

Okay, granted. These cat selfies are pretty awesome.

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