Little Girl Bids Farewell to Pacifier in Ridiculously Cute Video, Possibly Kills Some Birds

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It's only been a few days, but we may already have a video to rival this Frozen duet as the cutest mother-daughter exchange of the summer.

In the following footage, we meet a 17-month old named Cora who, as her parents adorably tell her, is now too "big" for a pacifier.

So she gets "one last suck" and then lets go off a bunch of balloons, on to which the pacifier is tied, adorably running after the item as it floats into the sky.

This rite of passage would be precious enough even if Cora's parents didn't include a Sarah McLachlan song in the background. Very well played, Mom and Dad.*

(*Sort of. Studies have shown that people really shouldn't release balloons into the sky because birds eventually mistake them for food, eat the balloon, get a clogged stomach and be unable to digest real food going forward, eventually starving to death.

But let's not tell that to Cora, okay?)

Moreover, as questionably cute as this parental gesture is, trust us...

... plenty if parents out there conduct themselves if FAR more questionable ways. To wit:

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