35 Questionable Parenting Moves

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And we all thought Kristin Cavallari was a screw-up...check out these 35 questionable parenting moments by real parents in real life. 

1. Boxed In

Boxed In
You might wanna re-work your child's nap schedule.

2. A Sad Reflection

A Sad Reflection
This is, sadly, a literal reflection of our times.

3. Under Fire

Under Fire
No... just, no.

4. Really Blowing It

Really Blowing It
Someone needs to swallow hard and tell this mother what she's doing wrong.

5. Gun Play

Gun Play
It's all fun and games until someone get shot.

6. Can I Call You Back?

Can I Call You Back?
Seriously. No call can be this important.

7. Aim High

Aim High
Or, ideally, don't have your child aim at all.

8. Oh, Mother

Oh, Mother
Pick and choose the time for your half-naked selfies, mothers around the world.

9. Chugging a Lug

Chugging a Lug
Chug! Chug! Chug! Wait a minute... don't chug!

10. A Scandalous Selfie

A Scandalous Selfie
I'll be right there, honey...

11. Falling Hard

Falling Hard
Someone is falling... and she won't be able to get up.

12. Bongs Away

Bongs Away
Can't you at least put this in a drawer?

13. College Prep

College Prep
It's never too early to prepare your child for college.

14. Tractor Ride

Tractor Ride
Geez, dad! Don't you know the kid is supposed to be REAR facing! Gosh!

15. Third Wheel

Third Wheel
Something tells us this isn't what people had in mind when they created "Take Your Child to Work Day."

16. Say Cheese! If You Can!

Say Cheese! If You Can!
Here's hoping this photo session was quick, right?

17. Smoke Buddy

Smoke Buddy
Doesn't even matter if this picture is just posed and not real. Putting cigarettes in kids' hands and taking pictures is the opposite of cool.

18. Smart Dad

Smart Dad
Just what your kid always wanted! A rabies souvenir from his trip to the zoo!

19. Safety First!

Safety First!
Maybe DON'T put your kid's carrier in the street next time?

20. Penthouse

Penthouse? Really? With the Internet around, who has printed porn anymore?

21. Napkin Holder

Napkin Holder
This might actually be a GENIUS parenting moment. Dollars to donuts the kid under that napkin is sleeping and Dad's eating his hoagie with two hands. WIN!

22. Baby In a Basket

Baby In a Basket
If the baby's in the basket, where are the groceries? And this kid can't even scream because FOLDED IN HALF.

23. Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong

Stroller: You're Doing It Wrong
This mom might want to read the manual to find out just how her stroller works. Pretty sure this isn't it.

24. Good Reads

Good Reads
This kid is way too excited to be seeing Maxim. Way.

25. Baby-sicle

Pretty sure Baby-sicles don't taste like grape.

26. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect
What happens when parents and photographers try to recreate Pinterest.

27. What a Tool

What a Tool
While not TECHNICALLY a questionable parenting moment, this is definitely a questionable FASHION moment and a VERY unfortunate photo.

28. Child Support

Child Support
This one kind of says everything, right?

29. Child Safety

Child Safety
Dude, this isn't The Walking Dead. Those kids are becoming Mika and Lizzie in the background and this dad is oblivious.

30. Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories
Who needs "Goodnight, Moon" when dad has Playboy?

31. Naming No-No

Naming No-No
These parents wanted to name their kid Anal. Yes. Anal. No.

32. Baby Backpack

Baby Backpack
Dear Dad, when wearing your baby ON YOUR BACK, maybe you stand on the train. Maybe?

33. Baby on Board

Baby on Board
Pretty sure there are no LATCH connecters inthe bed of this pickup, but hey, at least the kid is in a car seat?

34. Baby Balcony

Baby Balcony
You know, in case your kids needs fresh air and you're just too lazy to take them to the park.

35. Mother Actually Feeds Pageant Daughter Tapeworms to Help Her Lose Weight

Mother Actually Feeds Pageant Daughter Tapeworms to Help Her Lose Weight
A mother recently fed her daughter tapeworms in order to force weight loss. We really wish we were making this story up.

36. Birthday Party Invoice

Birthday Party Invoice
This family got an invoice after no-showing a five-year-old's birthday party. Seriously.

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