Kendra Wilkinson: Not Allowed to Boot Hank Baskett Until Reality Show Ends?

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According to a new report, Kendra Wilkinson would love to kick Hank Baskett out of the house and would've already one so ... only she can't because of WeTV.

Kiss from Kendra

Hank, who allegedly cheated on Kendra with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant, seemingly has little chance of winning her back if that's true.

Yet they carry on, with fake family barbecues and all, co-habitating and co-raising their kids as if nothing happened. This has sparked two theories:

  1. They're milking the drama for her show Kendra on Top and the producers won't let her kick him out for good until the season wraps.
  2. The whole scandal is faked for the aforementioned terrible show.

While recent photos of them on vacation together in Costa Rica with no cameras in sight fueled the second theory, In Touch is going with #1 in its new issue.

"If it were up to Kendra, she's have him out of the house sooner rather than later," says a source close to the couple, allegedly, to the celeb news weekly.

"She wants Hank out when filming is over, which is just a month or two. It's a matter of time. Having him there is a constant reminder of [what's] happened."

Ridiculous as it sounds, that would make more sense than the alternative.

The Costa Rica vacation was legit - photos and all - but they weren't necessarily loving life, or each other. They do have two kids together, after all.

Maybe the family trip was already booked and the tickets non-refundable?

More significantly, if things were going fine for them as a family, would Hank Baskett really agree to "play" a guy who cheats on his pregnant wife like this?

With a transsexual named Ava London, who personally broke the story?

We put almost nothing past celebrities in their thirst for ratings and reality TV fame, but that's not a scenario we can see Kendra and Hank agreeing to.

In other words, his mutual masturbation sesh with her was likely real ...

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