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Last night on Bachelor in Paradise, there was plenty of drama and a great deal of it centered around Marquel Martin, the most sought after man there.

He had been vibing with Michelle Money pretty well, but when two new ladies arrived, they both wanted him, much to the chagrin of the Money maker.

How did it all play out? You can watch Bachelor in Paradise online to see it all unfold for yourself, but we’ve recapped all the drama for you below …

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After the ladies and gentlemen try to get over the shocking speech Elise Mosca gave to end last week, we meet Danielle Ronco from Juan Pablo‘s season.

We didn’t remember her either, but she totally wanted to go on a date with Marquel after meeting him for two minutes. Michelle? Crushed. And looking for Robert.

Midway through the episode, Jackie Parr from Sean Lowe‘s season also showed up … and went on a date with Marquel. Hers went a whole lot better.

The other two date cards went to Elise, who took her everlasting love Chris Bukowski, and AshLee Frazier, who took her future husband Graham Bunn.

AshLee, who continues to frighten us a little bit despite her good looks and warmth, talked about introducing him to her dad and Graham buns in the oven.

These two have yet to even go on a date, mind you.


He did tell her not to “put too much pressure on ‘forever,’” but that’s like telling Chris Bukowski not to go all out in pursuit of whatever girl he can get it in with.

When it’s in your nature, you just can’t fight it.

Speaking of which, Elise was all about Chris, who she must believe meets her criteria of a man who will “fight” for her unlike Dylan, who she now hates.

While Graham told AshLee they should sleep separately on their overnight date – and she somehow didn’t flip out – Chris and Elise had no such reservations.

Despite hurting his knee so badly he had trouble walking, Chris sucked it up, jumped on a plane, went on a date and got Elise half naked in the pool.

After seeing her in her sequined stripper bikini, Chris said, “let’s just go.” And so they did. “I want to enjoy her behind closed doors,” he said. And so he did.

Afterward, they went to the hospital to find out he had torn his ACL. Elise was by his side, though, having fallen head over heels for her second man in as many days.

On to the rose ceremony, in which …

  • Zack gave his to Clare
  • Graham gave his to AshLee
  • Marcus Grodd gave his to Lacy
  • Marquel gave his to Jackie
  • Robert gave his to Sarah

So, that left Chris, with his pick of Elise, Danielle and Michelle. But when he called up Elise, he told her he couldn’t give her the rose … ’cause he had to go home.

His torn ACL was just too much. So, he asked her to come with him, and she said she’d love to! As for the rose … Chris and Elise jointly handed it to Michelle.

One of those magical moments.

Sorry Danielle, although props for the final parting shot that the producers may you say on the way out the door: “This wasn’t paradise, this was Marq hell.”