Justin Bieber: Treating Selena Gomez Like a Princess! OMG!

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Justin Bieber recently took Selena Gomez on a romantic trip to Canada, and while back home in the Great White North, he treated her like a princess.

Bieber told Gomez, insiders say, that when the pop star planned the trip, she could expect plenty of surprises throughout and to be treated like royalty.

At least until their next awkward split. But she ate that up, or so we've heard!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Instagram

For now, she is getting the treatment she wants from Justin - and the attention, as he's spoiling her rotten while in Canada, whatever that entails.

“Selena was really excited to get out of town with Justin,” a source says.

“He promised her a trip full of surprises. He planned everything out himself but didn’t tell her any of the details because he wanted to spoil her and surprise her.”

The two posed for a selfie in Canada, signifying that they are totes back on. Justin’s dad Jeremy Bieber was also spotted horseback riding with the two.

Sounds like the whole family was involved. So you KNOW it's serious.

Whether or not Bieber is paying chaperones to keep him out of trouble or not, he seems to be making his role as Selena's boyfriend a top priority.

When he's not running afoul of the law, that is. This takes up a lot of time.

Justin's being investigated for one thing or another every time you turn around, so spending his time and energy on Selena is a good thing for multiple reasons.

A Gomez insider claims that she's on cloud nine these days and "finally bring treated the way she always wanted him to treat her ... like a princess.”

What could be better than Bieber doting on you?! Nothing. No. Thing.

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