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Many have expressed their displeasure with ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam and his upcoming NFL regular season debut.

They feel the network is devoting too much time to speculating about Sam’s locker room interactions with his teammates, and unfairly focusing on his sexual preference over his gameplay. 

It remains a matter of controversy that’s divided the online community.

But one thing tweeters and comment boards haters across the web can hopefully agree on is that when Harry Styles uses his considerable influence to lend support to Sam – and by extension the LGBT community – it’s pretty cool.

Harry Styles Vogue Cover

That’s Harry sporting a Sam jersey during the One Direction concert in St. Louis last night. The wardrobe decision has caught the attention of fans worldwide, and both Sam and the Rams tweeted their thanks to Harry after the show.


While the 1D official Twitter page had to fill fans in on who Sam is (both Brits and tweenage girls tend to fall outside of the NFL’s demographic range), once word got out about Harry’s subtle show of support, the perennial fan favorite received more onlone love than even he’s accustomed to.

In fact, you’d have to go back to the time Styles posted a naked photo to Instagram to find an occasion in which more 1D fans squealed with delight.

And to think – Sam’s jersey was one of the league’s best-sellers before it received the Styles seal of approval.