Justin Bieber: Paying Chaperones to Keep Him Out of Trouble?

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Trouble has a way of finding Justin Bieber.

Bieber's assault on a fan at a Dave & Buster's earlier this week is just the latest of JB's many scrapes with the law, and a clear violation of his probation. 

While he still keeps up swaggy appearances, Justin is said to be very frightened by the prospect of going to prison. In fact, sources say he's so scared he's hired a crew of "minders" to keep him in line.

"He's hired a firm from New York who's going to watch him," says Bob Gade, a neighbor of Justin's. "They stay with him and keep an eye on him. They're like mentors or watchdogs to see that he complies with the rules."

Gade lives near Bieber's new home in the Hollywood Hills. He says that despite initial reports that Bieber had rented the house just to throw parties, Justin's people assured him that the new residence is meant to serve as a quiet getaway spot.

"He's on a one-month lease and he's going to be working out," says Gade. "The police were told by the landlord he's there just to slow down a bit and stay out of trouble."

"He's been very quiet, He doesn't have a slew of Escalades. He was driving his Lamborghini and I thought he'd be speeding by, but he actually came to a complete stop."

Sounds like Bieber is actually making an effort to get along with his new neighbors. We'll see what Gade has to say when Justin eggs his house.

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