Jared Leto Might Be Gay, Has a Giant Penis, Says Alexis Arquette

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Jared Leto won an Oscar this year for his performance in The Dallas Buyers Club, but according to actress Alexis Arquette, his new trophy isn't the only 12-incher that Leto should be proud of.

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Alexis Arquette

Alexis - the transgender sister of David Arquette - was asked in a recent interview if she had any secrets she'd like to share. And she certainly busted out a doozy:

"I had sex with Jared Leto back when I was presenting as a male," Alexis stated. "And yes, it's not only massive, it's like a Praetorian Guard's helmet."

Wow. We knew Leto likes to hug trees, we didn't know he was sporting one in his pants. And we're not even sure what to make of that Roman soldier business. Is that a good thing? We never thought we'd want more information from such a TMI interview.

Of course, that big reveal here is that Jared Leto has sex with men, or, in this case, transgender women who have yet to transition.

What does that mean for the rumors that Leto hooked up with Katy Perry...or Taylor Swift...Or Miley Cyrus...or, ya know what, we're just gonna go ahead and assume that Leto is some sort of pansexual dynamo who's banged every man and woman in Hollywood.

If the guy can look this happy with a tree, just imaging how he feels with a human being between his legs:

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