Katy Perry Hooked Up With Jared Leto AND Robert Pattinson at Coachella?!

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If half the dating rumors we've heard about Katy Perry since her split from John Mayer are true, the singer deserves a place next to Taylor Swift in the Female Players Hall of Fame.

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Perry and Mayer have only been broken up for two months but already its been rumored that Katy dated DJ Diplo, rapper Riff Raff, and actor Robert Pattinson.

Now reports say Katy only briefly "hooked up" with Diplo and Pattinson and she really only has eyes for one dude: uber-shaggy actor Jared Leto, who climbed down from his cross to accept an Academy Award the same week Katy split from Mayer.

Coincidence? Probably. But maybe Katy was watching the Oscars heartbroken, and when she saw Jared deliver his acceptance speech, her religious upbringing and love of shaggy rocker dudes merged into one perfect desire to get with this sexy Christ figure.

Anyway, whatever the reason, Katy and Jared also hooked up at Coachella.

Friends say Pattinson was just too bland for Katy and she was never serious about Riff Raff or Diplo to begin with.

Jared, on the other hand, perfectly fits her ideal man profile and the head-over-heels feeling is reportedly mutual. 

Sources say Jared is desperate to "arrange a date, or at least a chance to hang out alone" before Katy embarks on an upcoming tour and that he's definitely looking for more than a one night stand.

Have you seen the guys she's been hanging out with lately, Jared? We're pretty sure you stand a chance.

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