Jared Leto Hugs Tree, Inspires Hilarious Memes!

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Jared Leto is an Oscar winner now, but that doesn't mean the longhaired rocker is above getting dirty in the woods.

Leto recently posted a photo of himself hugging a tree and looking way too happy about it to his Instagram page. Naturally, the Internet seized upon the opportunity for Photoshopped hilarity and the #JaredHugginLeto quickly became a trending topic.

Leto has embraced the trend himself (he embraces a lot things, apparently) and has taken to retweeting some of the highlights.

While they're all hilarious, some of the 'Shopped images definitely veer into creepy territory. The sight of a tiny Leto hugging his own beard, for example is likely to haunt your dreams for years to come.

Jump into the gallery above to see what we mean.

Despite his image as a brooding, artsy sort, Jared has demonstrated an affable sense of humor in the past.

Leto's photobomb of Kevin Spacey, for example, made for one of the funnier moments of the 2014 Academy Awards.

So while he may not gravitate toward comedies in his acting career, at least #JaredHugginLeto affirms that the perenially youthful actor is capable of laughing at himself.

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