Corgi Receives Massage, Becomes Happiest Animal in History of the Universe

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We've already borne witness to 21 dogs who have been publicly shamed

They know who they are. They know what they did.

But now it's time to flip the furry script and focus on the well-behaved dogs, the canines who fetch you the paper or help change your baby's diaper.

You know, the dogs who deserve their own special spa day, one that includes a full body massage that will leave them more relaxed than they ever imagined possible.

We're not sure what the corgi in the following video did to deserve such treatment, but we salute his owners for rewarding him with it. Look at how happy this animal is!

We also know of some pit bulls who are happy to give you a full body tongue massage. If you're into that sort of thing.

Getting a massage may seem like a human thing to do, but this isn't the first time a dog has ever tried to act like a human:

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