Drunk Bride Orders Taco Bell in Wedding Dress, Is Our Hero

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Earlier this month, an unnamed woman decided to live the rest of her life as the loyal bride of her loving fiance.

She then partied, got drunk and decided to Live Más!

Indeed, an awesome photo recently went up on Reddit with the caption "my drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception."

And when someone asked why the couple was at Taco Bell after their nuptials, the husband responded with, "because we like to party. And it was next to the hotel."

Seriously, commenter, how is that even a question?!?

Drunk Bride at Taco Bell

It's safe to say this was definitely NOT a wedding fail.

It's also safe to assume this is the sort of bride and groom who would have a bit of fun at the wedding itself.

We can easily imagine them coming up with photos such as the following:

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