15 Hilarious Wedding Photos

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These 15 wedding photos prove that such a big day doesn't need to be such a serious day.

1. RUN!

Yup, that's actor Jeff Goldblum and this is an awesome reenactment of Jurassic Park.

2. Making Like Bridesmaids

Making Like Bridesmaids
Wait... are these groomsmen or bridesmaids?

3. Touchdown!

These two will be crossing the end zone together later that night... naked.

4. Evolution of a Groom

Evolution of a Groom
It took awhile, but he's ready to be a husband.

5. Making Like Superheroes

Making Like Superheroes
There's no truth to the rumor that this wedding took place inside a phone booth.

6. A Boozing Bride

A Boozing Bride
Are you fellas done already?

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