Miley Cyrus: Criticized For Exploiting Homeless Man at VMAs

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For the second year in a row, Miley Cyrus shocked viewers of the MTV Video Music Awards last night. 

Of course, this year's jaw-dropping moment couldn't have been more different from the infamous Miley and Robin Thicke performance that drew the ire of the Parents Television Council in 2013.

Rather than gracing the stage with another twerking teddy bears routine, Miley showed her more thoughtful side last night when she turned the mic over to a 22-year-old homeless man named Jesse after winning the award for video of the year.

Cyrus claims she was simply trying to call attention to the issue of homelessness and use her time in the spotlight to do some good. Critics of the gesture, however, believe the pop star exploited a struggling young man for the sake of her own vanity:

Many have pointed out that as a 22-year-old who could land a male modeling gig tomorrow, Jesse hardly represents the average American homeless person.

Certainly, Jesse shouldn't be denied the assistance that Miley can offer simply because he's good-looking, but many are crying foul over the fact that given the opportunity to present the true face of homelessness to the world - Miley chose instead to show up with a dude who'd make for good red carpet arm candy.

Miley Cyrus With Jesse

It seems to us that Miley's heart was in the right place, but the stunt may have had a greater effect if she'd chosen an impoverished person with a longer history of homelessness who would better represent the men and women in need that the average city dweller passes by on their way to work.

Of course, Miley has hinted that this is the start of a one-woman awareness campaign, and that could have tremendous impact if she truly commits herself.

Basically, Miley bringing Jesse on stage at the VMAs is a lot like celebs dumping water on their heads for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge:

 On its own, it means little, but if Miley puts her money where her mouth is and the right people take notice - it could be huge. 

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