Drake on Rihanna Satanic Pics: All About Toronto! All LOVE!

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Rapper Drake recently raised more than a few eyebrows at his Toronto concert with imagery flashing on screen that clearly implied Rihanna is Satan.

Or did it?

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Despite the images of a fiery 6-6-6 with Rihanna pics spliced in between the numbers, the star took to Twitter to deny he was dissing his ex-girlfriend.

"My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6,” he wrote. “The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It’s all love!!”


That was the impetus, alright, but some people close to Drake aren't buying that it was a positive shout-out. Some friends say he is actually “bitter.”

“Drake was lashing out at Rihanna ... he wanted to get back together a while back and she shot him down so now he’s being all bitter about it,” a source said.

“Putting up that picture was his way of hurting her, but it just made him look like a punk,” the source added, noting that he does feel bad about it now.

“They have so many friends in common, everyone called him out for it, that’s why he tried to backtrack, he knows it was a stupid move and he regrets it.”

How does Rihanna feel about it? Let's hear from an anonymous source quoted by one celebrity gossip site to get her (probably fake) take on it.

“It’s pathetic. A real man would just come out and be like ‘I don’t like you’ ... not this indirect s--t. It’s real pathetic and flattering at the same time, though.”

It definitely is flattering, to be compared to the Devil interspersed with fire, brimstone and the Mark of the Beast. To that end, there can be no argument.

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