Drake: Rihanna is SATAN!

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Rihanna is the Devil, according to Karrueche Tran. And also Drake, at least if we're interpreting this video footage from his recent concert accurately.

Subtly, but clearly, the rapper is singing "Days of East" when a fiery 6 appears, followed by a Rihanna pic, another 6, another Rihanna photo and a third 6.

666. The mark of the Beast. That being Rihanna.

The imagery seems pretty clear, don't you think?

While Rihanna and Drake broke up, and Drake and Chris Brown's bromance has heated up in the ensuing months, we didn't think there was bad blood.

Not Satanic-level bad blood at least. Yikes.

Chris was denied entry into Canada this week, where he was supposed to perform with Drake. So far, has hasn't called her out in this kind of fashion.

He did beat her senseless, of course.

Maybe it's all designed to fuel the gossip that sells records and concert tickets, or just Drake goofing off to see if anyone will notice (well played if so).

But if he is serious that he thinks Rihanna is Satan, all we can say is that while this seems harsh, Rihanna Twerks like a woman possessed ... by something:

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